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Mutual Fund

We manage Mutual Fund by full Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and experienced professionals who has already proven track record in fund management. Mutual fund is a professionally managed fund that pools money from investors and invests the fund in a certain type of portfolio of stocks, bonds and other securities. Mutual fund allows an investor to diversify his investment in a simple and cost-effective way to minimize the risk of investment. Professional portfolio managers and analysts analyze industry, sector and market information as well as evaluate companies and securities to make buy and sell decisions.

Open-ended Mutual Fund

Open-ended mutual fund is traded daily based on the orders of portfolio managers at the Net Asset Value (NAV). The NAV of the fund is determined regularly at the end of each trading day. The fund sponsors issue securities if there is any purchase demand as well as redeem securities if there is any sale demand. So, the number of securities under open-ended mutual fund is unlimited.

We Manage Corporate Portfolio

Institutional investors with different and unique investment objective seek special financial solutions. Keeping that in mind we provide specialized service in accordance with their requirement We ensure professional expertise and maintain proper asset combination for our institutional clients. We provide our clients with customized investment solution and tailored financial services to materialize their financial goal. We assure special control of our investors over their fund. Our team of professionals helps them to understand the dynamics more closely and effectively.

Closed End Mutual Fund

Close-ended mutual fund is traded on exchange at its Net Asset Value (NAV) but its capital unit is fixed. This fund neither issues securities after Initial Public Offering (IPO) nor redeems before the specified period of the term. The value of close-ended mutual fund is determined by the supply and demand of fund.